Licensed Psychologist

California, Florida, Switzerland
 American Psychological Association
 Since 1987

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Dr. Vincenza Tiberia

                 I am an American Licensed Psychologist with over 35 years of experience in Clinical Psychology, Educational Psychology and Neuropsychology who has lived and worked in the United States, Europe and Kuwait. I earned a BA degree in Honors Psychology at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor in 1974 and an MS degree in Educational Psychology at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles in 1975. Afterwards, I had the honor of being the first Educational Psychologist to be hired by Headstart, a US government funded preschool program, in Los Angeles, California. I later went on to earn my PhD in psychology in 1981 at United States International University, School of Human Behavior, San Diego Campus.

 I have made original contributions in the areas of theory, research and psychometrics. While an undergraduate, I published papers in the International Journal of Symbology which were based upon empirical and literary applications of Jungian theory. My doctoral dissertation on “Jungian Archetypal Themes in Cross-Cultural Dream Symbolism” completed in 1981 remains the only empirical study of its kind.  Then in 1983, as Principal Investigator of a research project at the Epilepsy Foundation of South Florida, I standardized a psychometric instrument that continues to enjoy world-wide distribution by the Epilepsy Foundation of America. Most recently, I have co-authored journal articles with Dr. Charles D. Laughlin, Emeritus Professor of Anthropology and Religion at Carleton University.

In 1986, after completing my post-doctoral internship under supervisors at the University of Miami’s Mailman Center for Child Development and Spectrum Substance Abuse Treatment Programs, I qualified as a Licensed Psychologist in the State of Florida. I then went into private practice in South Miami, Florida for ten years, during which time I also provided neuropsychological assessments in Miami area hospitals and was awarded Allied Health Professional privileges at Humana Healthcare, Mercy Hospital and Miami Heart Institute. I also received professional training under former APA President, Dr. Nicholas Cummings, and became the first Biodyne provider in Miami, Florida. I later lived in Switzerland and qualified for the Swiss Psychologist License in 1993 and then in January 2011 also qualified as a Licensed Psychologist in the State of California.                              

             In 1998, I came to Kuwait as a Consultant with the Amiri Diwan, Social Development Office to supervise and develop internships and continuing education programs for Kuwait psychologists. Afterwards, I was appointed as the first Educational Psychologist for the American Academy for Girls and The English Academy. And I later practiced at Al Razi Counseling Center for over a decade before establishing the Tiberia Psychology Center in March of 2013.

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